Say “Yes” to the Ice Cream Friday Roundups!

Photo credit: Apaige Photography I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Sorry, couldn’t resist… really though, there’s nothing sweeter than a yummy dessert station at a wedding. Well, now, you can say “yes” to the … ice cream? This week Blue Bell introduced a Bride’s Cake flavor, and re-introduced their 09′ Groom’s […]

Love Like Wine Gets Better With Time | Friday Roundups

Photo credit: Flickr There’s a saying that love like wine gets better with time. You’ll surely agree after reading this totally adorable recap of how one groom screwed up his honeymoon but is still in love (and loved back!) 68 years down the track. Phew! We’re glad these sweethearts were able to survive a bumpy start and […]

Swapping Bouquets for Puppies? Sure, Why Not! | Friday Roundups

While it’s certainly not uncommon to see a couple’s four-legged friend at their wedding (after all, they’re members of the family too, right?) you may be surprised to find that the bridesmaids’ bouquets have been swapped out for eight adorable puppies. Well, this Charlotte bridal party did exactly that and the Internet is going crazy over […]

Bridesmaids for… Hire? | Friday Roundups

Photo credit: Flickr Just fired your maid of honor? You’re not alone. It’s apparently common for friendships to be torn apart over wedding requests and certain tensions that can arise between girlfriends throughout the wedding planning process. One business, Bridesmaid for Hire, has recognized this void and is offering to help fill it with, well, your […]

An Unconventional Kind of Friday Roundups!

Photo credit: Flickr This week has certainly been a victory for all of you nonconformists and lovers of different out there. Join us in celebrating with this transgender bride who made history as the first to appear on the popular reality TV series Say Yes to The Dress. The LGBTQ community weren’t the only one’s celebrating […]