Six Questions Will Help You Gauge Whether Your Potential Planner Is Right For You

Well! For your destination wedding planner know how to coordinate a wedding, it’s obviously not enough. They’ll also need to be well-versed in the culture and laws of the country you’re getting married in. And, of course, finding someone whose personality clicks with yours should definitely be a top priority. Overall, a great wedding planner […]

Wedding Gifts Ideas for The Couple Who Have Everything

Not sure where to start with your best wedding gift list? We’ve got you covered with fun ideas for presents you never knew you needed. The traditional wedding list was for the essentials you needed to set up a new home, but when you’ve got the basics covered, why not ask for something you really, […]

3 Must-Have Wedding Gifts in 2016 For the Bride(s) And Groom(s)

because it’s officially wedding season.  I mean, is it ever not wedding season?!  Sure you can give cash and, truth be told, most of us do, but in a sea of impersonal wedding checks the happy couple will be elated to actually open something up after the wedding.  Plus, when you buy online you can […]

The Right And Perfect Party Dress For You

Going to a party? Need a tuxedos  cocktail dress?  If you’re looking for a short tuxedos dress or a sexy cocktail dress to wear to a special evening party or event,.  Whether you are want a sophisticated one-shoulder cocktail dress or a cute and flirty party dress in sizes from petite to plus, you will […]

Perfect Short Dresses For Prom

Browse our large selection of short dresses for your perfect mini dress.  A short dress can be worn to several events including prom, homecoming, graduation, summer barbeques, etc.  This section is full of little black dresses, cocktail dresses, and short dresses in several colors and styles.  Whatever the event you are looking for, we have […]


PromGirl has a vast collection of long prom dresses and evening gowns from the best designers. If you’re looking for a long dress or evening gown for your 2016 prom, PromGirl is the best online prom dress shop. We have a huge selection of long formal dresses and pageant gowns ready to ship including strapless […]


Short prom dresses continue to grow in popularity and these sensational designs show you why. Besides being more comfortable, these dresses can be worn again at a holiday party or formal wedding, and are easier to dance in. We have hundreds of short party dresses and offer something for every shape and budget. There are […]

Personalized Wedding Gifts For Your Best Friend

Wedding gifts given, they would have been by making a personal memory. Our collection of elegant, whimsical, and fun gift engagement, wedding, shower, and bridal parties. Personalized coasters, picture frames, wall art, cake knife, champagne and tree ornaments celebrate and commemorate all happy days and couples. You Are My Happily Ever After Canvas A Personal […]