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I can spot a New England wedding from a mile away. Whether it’s a seaside soiree at the cape, a Vermont barn wedding or a traditional Berkshire affair like this beauty from Heather Waraksa. And lovelies, this one is sure to have you wrapped around it’s little finger if classic is your jam. From the sophisticated invites by Ceci New York to the stunning arrangements from Sayles Livingston Flowers, make sure to peruse every ounce of goodness this gallery has to offer.

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From the Bride… We met in 2007, working together as the two most junior professionals in a small, 14-person group inside of a big bank. We started dating, and tried, very poorly, to keep our relationship under wraps. As we would learn later, everyone knew the entire time, but they let us keep up the charade that we were just work colleagues.

After six years of dating, Dave decided to pop the question in Paris where we had taken our first vacation together. I was suspicious as Dave walked me all around the city. That evening when we were getting ready to go to dinner, Dave took me out on the room’s balcony (I was partially made-up with my hair still in a towel) and proposed. It was perfect.

What made the wedding special and unique was that it had the feeling of a destination wedding even though it was only a few hours from New York City. The hotel is located in the old New England town of Lenox in the Berkshires, but it was built in the style of a 16th century Florentine Palazzo. Guests felt transported to a remote Italian villa but with less travel time and all the comforts of home.

We are both whiskey lovers and decided to personalize guest gift bags with a bottle of bitters, which included Dave’s own “fall manhattan” recipe. At the reception’s after-party, guests enjoyed my manhattan cocktail from an engraved “Geenberg” whiskey barrel.

The most memorable part of the day was after the ceremony but before cocktail hour when we had a small window of time to ourselves to just enjoy the moment. The feeling after being announced married was indescribable and for us to be able to enjoy the emotions together and not be rushed off to other duties was incredibly special.

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