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Your big day is quickly approaching, and you have to found your wedding DJ? But then he or she asks you if you have any special song requests. The tempting thing to do is to tell them to play whatever they feel is best. But, that would not be effective in creating a personalized soundtrack for you and your guests. Here are a few things to consider when asked with the classic question, “What do you want me to play?” Okay, here are some tips to help your wedding DJ create your perfect soundtrack! Believe that use these tips to make your wedding party a personalized epic occasion!

Wedding first dance

Music is the soundtrack to our life

Has a song ever come on that made you emotional, because it reminded you of a loved one who is no longer living? That’s the power that music has over our emotions. This is something you can use to enhance your special day.

  1. What songs were relevant in your life while the both of you were getting to know each other?
  2. Were there any songs that you and your partner first danced together to?
  3. What were some of your favorite songs from High School?

Don’t be embarrassed. This is your day, and you’ll be surprised how many of us share the same guilty pleasure songs!


Your guests wanna dance, too

The people coming to witness your special day wanna have a good time with you. Think about the age demographic of your friends and family coming.

There’s an old saying, “It’s impossible to please everybody when it comes to music and room temperature”. But, we can have something for everybody throughout the night.

  • What were some of your parents favorite songs you can remember them listening to when you were growing up?
  • Can you remember the songs that your brother or sister were constantly jamming to?
  • What are some current hits that your young nieces and nephews would wanna hear?


Thinking of these things, your goal should be to make a list of 20 – 30 songs to give to your DJ. Your DJ can then look over that list, and compile a soundtrack that goes along with your song choices. This is the best way to hear songs that you like and may not have thought of.

Giving your wedding DJ a list of 150 songs is not what you wanna do. Because, the average song is around 3 minutes. So, at best only 20 songs can be played per hour. Giving your DJ a short list of must play songs will bring emphasis on how special these songs are to you. They will make a point at playing all of those songs throughout the night, and your guests will be taken on a very personalized musical journey.

One last thing: This should be a fun exercise. Your wedding party is a lasting memory that you and your guests will always look back on.

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