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Wednesday Wedding Wonders. 02/08/2017

  I feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground this week, what with potty training our toddler, scheduling ahead gorgeous weddings before we go away on holiday and having

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Wednesday Wedding Wonders. 28/06/2017

  Hello there lovelies. I hope you’re enjoying your week so far! It’s been pretty busy round these parts, with our new experts series kicking off; check out our wedding

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Wednesday Wedding Wonders. 14/06/2017

  I have to say I am feeling a tad jealous this week of all the sun drenched, pool side holiday snaps I am seeing on my social feeds. You

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Wednesday Wedding Wonders. 07/06/2017

  Here’s to June lovelies, although it’s suddenly turned distinctly wintry and I’m fighting the urge for cardies, log fires, baths and hot chocolate. I am sure summer will be

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Wednesday Wedding Wonders. 05/04/2017

  Hello there. I hope this week is making you happy. I’ve been feeling under the weather, but the sunshine has still had me smiling. G picked up his new

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Wedding Wonders Top Ring Choosing Tips

I hope you had a fab bank holiday weekend. G was working but it was a busy one none the less. A had his birthday party, so I baked up

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