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When it comes to seriously fun + seriously gorgeous weddings, this sweet New Year’s Eve affair reigns supreme.  Think two of the cutest high school sweethearts you will ever meet (truly) tying the knot in a vintage meets boho party that is the definition of pretty.  From the beautiful blooms from Petals Couture to the breathtaking captures from Cassidy Carson.  See it all in the full gallery.  

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From The Bride…When I met Grant at fifteen years old, I had no idea he would someday be my husband.

I met Grant at orientation the summer before my sophomore year of high school. I was nervous meeting so many new people, but when I met and locked eyes with Grant, I immediately felt at ease. His long curly hair was messy, and his green eyes sparkled with joy. Can you tell I was enamored?

I was so surprised by my feelings and how pulled I felt towards this guy that I completely forgot his name. When I got home, I told my mom that I had met someone so different and so wonderful. “What’s his name??” she asked, naturally. “Well, I don’t know.” One step at a time, I guess.

It only took about 8 weeks before Grant asked me to be his girlfriend, and our love story began full force. I’ll admit, our relationship for the next year or so was purely built on how big of a crush we had on one another. Our personalities were so different, and it made spending time together so much fun. It was probably during my senior year of high school that I realized Grant was more to me than a boyfriend, he was becoming my best friend. He knew my insecurities, successes, failures, and he still seemed crazy about me.

When it came time for college, we made the decision to stay together, but also to allow one another to grow as individuals into the people God was equipping us to be. This decision made all the difference in our relationship, and I believe it’s the reason we were able to date for over 6 years before we were married.

For our wedding, Grant and I really wanted the décor and the night’s events to reflect the love and gratitude we felt for all the friends and family that supported and prayed us through 6 years of dating. Because Grant and I have very different personalities, we knew our wedding would be eclectic.

Grant loves when events are classy but fun, and I love all things vintage and boho. Because we knew we wanted to get married in December, we decided on an evening New Year’s Eve wedding. For all the gold and colors we wanted to incorporate into the evening, I knew we needed a unique venue that also left us with a clean slate to work with. The outdoor/indoor vintage Mckinney Cotton Mill was an easy decision.

Our décor at the old mill reflected deep jewel tones and vintage gold. Every bit of our wedding day between the deep red flowers, clocks on every table, and the amazing band that kept us all dancing into the New Year, reflected Grant and I’s journey and relationship.

It was a celebration of our friends and family, our relationship, and most importantly of God’s amazing grace and love for us all.

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