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Bride wearing bridal

While MOH R, Bridesmaid A, and I hid behind some well placed bushes, the processional started up. First, our officiant and groomsmen/co-best men A and B entered from the side.

Groomsmen and officiant walking to altar

Next came my uncle, with my mom on his arm. I’d originally planned to have my uncle walk my grandmother in and my mom walk in with my brother, but I found out about a month before the wedding that he would not be able to make it.

My grandmother said she actually preferred not to have everyone looking at her, and Mr. Feather’s grandmother had no preference, so we cut the grandmothers out of the procession. It ended up being easier that way because both grandmothers are a little unsteady on their feet and I think sitting down was more comfortable for them.

Usher walking mom down the aisle

After that came Mr. Feather and his mom. It was an intense time for everyone since Mr. Feather’s father passed away a few years ago and we were all really missing him. Mr. Feather guided her to her seat in the first row, shook our officiant’s hand, and took his place at the front.

Bridesmaid A and MOH R walked in next, and then it was my turn. I’d originally wanted a short aisle so I could minimize the amount of time that everyone had their eyes glued to me, but once I emerged from the bushes everyone was looking at me anyway.

Bride wearing bridal

I was looking at the ground, because one, nerves, and two, the ground was uneven and I was worried about falling flat on my face. Speaking of flat(s), that’s what I should have worn instead of heels, which were sticking in the soft ground with every step.

Groom waiting for bride

I love this photo of Mr. Feather watching me walk in because it shows his feelings so clearly.

Bride walking to altar

I made it up the aisle without a single misstep and very sneakily removed my shoes and hid them under my dress. Then Mr. Feather and I joined hands—our ceremony was about to begin!

Happily feather after

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