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bride smiling with hands on hips

My makeup was pristine, so it was time to step into that gorgeous hanging ensemble calling my name! Despite it causing a great deal of stress, I was beyond ready to get that sucker on. Mostly because I was terrified it wouldn’t zip, eep. I’m pretty shy when it comes to modesty, so I kicked everyone out of the room, stepped out of my adorable bridal PJs gifted to me by Bridesmaid Source4, and stepped into my dazzling pile of ruffles. Mama Dreamcatcher came back in and brought the photographers to capture her zipping me in.

mother of bride zipping bride into dress bride smiling with hands on hips

It was another really special moment with Mama Dreamcatcher, which was followed by an impromptu special “first look” type moment with all my bridesmaids as they came back in the room! Thanks to Laurel Mountain Photography for capturing this, and all these wonderful photos!

bridesmaid first look
After a brief celebration due to the dress actually zipping, I proceeded to get glam with accessories. Because I suck at being a girl, I struggled for a ridiculously long time to find the right ones. Then I hit the IDGAF wall and no longer cared enough to keep searching. Bridesmaid Source4 to the rescue, by loaning me my something borrowed!

bride and bridesmaid in coral hugging

The other bridesmaids thought this was such a cute photo-op, so they decided to each help me into a piece! Next, Bridesmaid Meyer gives me an earring, which I got at Kleinfeld for an amazing deal the same day I got my dress! (Something new!)

bridesmaid helping bride with an earring

Bridesmaid Cue makes me LOL as she helps me into my bracelet! I got it from Kohl;s for a mere $12. Shhh, don’t tell anyone they weren’t real pearls.

bridemaid holding brides hand

My garter was a gift from Bridesmaid Fresnel, so she volunteered for this lovely job. Thankfully, we have this gem to remember that hilarious moment by.

bridesmaid helping bride with garter
Finally, Meyer used a crochet hook to do the adorable buttons on the back of my dress.

bridesmaid fastening buttons on back of bridal gown

And there you have it—I’m officially a bride! I adore these photos because everyone is so genuinely smiley and happy. I didn’t even have time to be nervous because I was just so darn excited!

bride looking at reflection

Dreamcatcher Tip #7: Don’t wait until the last minute for accessories. I stressed about them more than I should have, to the point where I just gave up. Thankfully Source4 is a style queen and knew the pearls would look amazing. She also helped me find the bracelet! It worked out for me, but I could have avoided that stress if I’d just made a decision early on and stuck with it.

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