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I am notorious for waiting until the last possible second to buy gifts and coupled with a need to find just the right bit or bobble, well it makes gift giving a bit challenging. Now enter this DIY “World’s Best Dad” handkerchief that is so crazy easy, it’s perfect for the time-challenged gift giver. And it works double time as an awesome Father’s Day gift + a sweet little something for dear old Dad on your wedding day.

MaterialsVintage handkerchief (we found ours on Etsy)
Iron transfer paper
“World’s Best Dad” template


step-1Download & print out “World’s Best Dad” template onto iron transfer paper, according to package instructions.

step-2Cut out each label with scissors, getting rid of as much excess transfer paper as possible.

step-3Press label face down on the center of one corner of the handkerchief. Turn off the steam on your iron and press the hot iron on the label for 30 seconds without moving. Remove iron and let label cool, then peel off the paper backing. Wrap up in a pretty gift box for Dad!

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