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picking the Perfect Caterer for your Wedding

Well! Here are some special tips for your wedding planning, and today is mainly about how to pick the perfect caterer for your wedding.

picking the Perfect Caterer for your Wedding

1. The quality of the food.

You want to think about what type of food they make and the quality of the food. Does the food taste fresh? Do they use local produce? Do they offer a seasonal food menu?

2. The quality of the service.

While you may be able to find a variety of caterers that can make a delicious dinner not all caterers are equally yoked when it comes to the service.  What is their response time during the quote process? Do they respond to you in a timely manner? Do they provide you with options? Typically companies that value you as a customer tend to carry out the same quality of professionalism when they show up at your event as they do during the quote process.

3. What other services do they provide?

Ideally, when hiring a caterer you want to consider all angles not just who is going to make the food but will they service it too? Does your caterer quote include table service and someone to bus the tables at the end of the night?

4. Do they provide silverware and dishware?

Rather than going through a party rental company to rent these items can you get them all from your Caterer. It will certainly save you time and money to get as many things as possible from the save service provider.

5. Are they flexible and accommodating?

No wedding or event is perfect but you want to ensure you have picked a catering vendor that is experienced, reliable, and can think fast under pressure.   What would they do if 5 extra guests showed up?  Would they be prepared?

6. And finally seek out client testimonies.

Go on Yelp, do a Google search, ask the company for a list of client referrals.  Make sure to do your research before selecting any company to do business with!

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