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If you haven’t already seen or heard about the sheer beauty that comes out of Jose Villa‘s annual Mexico Workshop, then prepared to be floored, loves. Last week, we shared this gorgeous Elegant Mexico Wedding Inspiration shoot, featuring Sarah Winward‘s romantic and organic all-white florals, tinged with bronze. Read on to see what went into this beauty, and click through the original gallery to see it all!

All-White Elegant Mexico Wedding Inspiration Bouquet

  • White Majolica Spray Roses
  • White Tweedia
  • Mock Orange
  • Tuberose
  • Snap Dragons
  • Bronze-Edged Foraged Foliage
  • Golden Brown Ferns

From Sarah Winward… The inspiration for this whole shoot was to have lots of texture and we loved some abstract photos that to me felt like a starry night sky. 

We choose an all white color palette and lots of small flowers to create a bouquet that had a lot of small intricate details. The golden fern to me we like streaks in the night sky and the little yellow center of the mock orange blossoms are like bright stars! I am not always so literal with the inspiration to reality, but I really got into this one! I like a wider shape which I love because it stretches across the body lengthwise giving the longer stems used here space to stretch out. 

I used this draping and crinkled ribbon to give the whole arrangement more layers of texture. 

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