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Like a little black dress with a fabulous pink shoe, this wedding is the pop of color that every bride loves. And when we say color, we mean COLOR! Bright, pretty pinks and reds and hues that make you want to sip a rum punch and dance the night away. Held at the Haiku Mill with photographs from Anna Kim and florals by Mandy Grace, this little gem is all about the pretty. And there is more here!

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From the Bride… Coming from two very different backgrounds, and with family and friends in Asia, Europe, Australia and the USA, we decided to hold the wedding in a location that was on “neutral” ground! We just so happened to pick one of the world’s best wedding venues and that was apparent from the moment we started planning the day with the amazing team at Haiku Mill.

Favorite moments…
THE BAND. Erin and the band were amazing! Having David Wolfe playing with them was a special treat which we really weren’t expecting. For me, that made the evening, especially as we are music lovers.

THE PHOTOGRAPHERS. Having the photographer who took the photos which helped us to choose Haiku Mill as our venue take our photos on the day! Anna Kim and her assistant were amazing.

THE FLORAL DESIGNERS. Mandy Grace turned the Mill into a beautiful dream with her floral designs. It was breath-taking to say the least!

THE VENUE. The concern that the Haiku Mill had for our happiness and the happiness of our guests. From bringing in extra generators to ensure an electricity supply (after the power got knocked out the night before in an epic storm) through to producing extra bottles of whiskey when our guests finished the bottles we had on hand, the sheer care and attention we received from Lindsay, Silvia and the rest of the team ensured that we had a truly magical day.

THE FOOD. Maui Executive Catering outdid themselves! And I will always remember that steak as one of the best I’ve ever had!

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